Why Joshua’s House

Here’s the story.

One day, I saw a segment on the local news about upcoming plans for “Joshua’s House Hospice”, the state of California’s first and only hospice shelter for the terminally ill homeless being built in Sacramento, CA. I said to myself, “It must be terrible living on the streets.” However, until I saw that local news segment, I really didn’t make the connection that people could be terminally ill and actually die out there without any care or attention. Could you imagine if that was you? Also, over the years I had pondered how
my music could help the homeless situation.
What could I do?
Last year, I pressed 100 special, limited-edition, vinyl copies of my album, On The Other Side Of The Window. Each copy was “sold” for a gift donation of $100! This raised $10,000 going directly to Joshua’s House Hospice! The money was used to help the with
daily expenses and the cost of construction.
Today, I am offering you a NEW way
to help Joshua’s House Hospice now!
I decided to offer my entire 8-CD catalogue of music in exchange for your heartfelt donation to Joshua’s House Hospice!
The suggested donation for each CD is $20.
However, donate any amount you can afford, less money or more money, and I will send you the CD.
Shipping is free.
Each and every cent goes to Joshua’s House. Every cent really helps! Go click on the button above that says
“STORE–DONATE NOW” and help make a difference!
Thank you for supporting this very worthwhile cause and for allowing me to do something meaningful with my music.